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Life is indeed a rich tapestry woven from the many strands of one’s life experiences. As I ponder how I came to be here now I realise that I am the product of many adventures and the wearing of many hats, not just the teacher of biology or medical sciences or the practitioner of homeopathy alone but of motherhood and campaigner on environmental issues.

My academic path has been an interesting one starting with a zoology degree, specialising in marine biology, from the University of St Andrews. This was followed by a spell of official secrets in soil microbiology research at the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research in Aberdeen and a Master’s degree in soil microbiology from the University of Aberdeen. Four years of delving into rotting fruit and vegetables and mountains of oil seed rape in the applied biology department at Cambridge University was followed by about four hundred years of child rearing, which has to be the most instructive pastime to date.

Since 1992 I have been teaching the 4 year medical sciences course at colleges of homeopathy. I also supervise students through their rigorous clinical training. With enthusiastic support from students I was encouraged to write two home-study courses – Anatomy and Physiology for Homeopaths (2008) and Pathology and Disease for Homeopaths (2009) both published by The School of Health, www.schoolofhealth.co.uk Consequently, I also work for them to provide academic tutorial support for homeopathy students all over the world. It is a great privilege to have this connection with the world- wide community of homeopaths in training. I am also on the Faculty of The School of Homeopathy, Stroud where I teach bright-eyed and bushy-tailed student homeopaths.

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